Online Offsite Backup

Your business may be doomed if your computer files are lost. The only sure way to prevent this disaster is to put backup copies outside the office. Now we offer a backup service that automatically backs up your files to a secure, offsite "data vault" via the Internet. Find out more here.

Owner IT Training Managing IT without Becoming a Geek: Training for Business Owners

The Virtual CIO









Reason for Being...

My vision is to help business owners achieve their goals through leveraging technology.

Gregory Rondot


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Business Owners Need Expert Help to Make as Much Money as Possible with Computers

Can your firm afford $200,000+ a year for a top-notch Chief Information Officer?

Can you keep them busy full time?

Imagine what you can accomplish with an IT expert on your team.  Invest in money-making computer systems not waste time and money on losers. Leverage you computers to increase revenue not add staff without sales growth. Stop wasting money on areas that don't add value to your business.

We provide a consulting executive, the Virtual CIO, or help the business owner increase their IT management skills without becoming a total technogeek.

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Fatal Five = Bankruptcy

Five Computer Issues That Can Bankrupt Your Company

Is your business threatened by common computer issues that can put it into bankruptcy?

 According to the Small Business Administration, there are many computer related causes of business bankruptcy.

Don't fall prey to them! Reading this paper will be the best five minutes you spend on IT today!

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