The Top Five Computer Issues That Can Bankrupt Your Company


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Your computer systems and services are absolutely essential to your business. They can also be the source of tremendous damage to your company, your bottom line, and ultimately your business reputation.

Five information technology issues in particular can be especially damaging to your company, and can lead to rapid, uncontrollable financial loss and eventual bankruptcy. What are these five computer issues?

Computer challenges for small to medium-sized business owners are especially demanding. It’s likely that nearly every computer-related issue ends up posing significant risk to the business, without constant attention and expensive, professional services – most of the time after the fact, after the damage is done. What can you do to avoid the most serious IT problems, the most expensive repairs or assistance, the true top five business computing issues to be avoided at all costs?

We’ve been through this – as business owners, employees and now as experienced consultants. We’ve seen how the loss of market share, the loss of valuable, sensitive digital assets, and the loss of customer confidence can quickly bring a business to its knees – all because preparation wasn’t made beforehand to address the five most important, and likely computer issues!

Issues with using computers in your business come in many shapes and sizes. From lack of backups and spare equipment, to inexperienced programmers and untested systems – there’s a long list of things that can go wrong with your IT investments, or that require constant, expert attention. For example:

·         Cost Reduction Control

·         Regulatory Compliance (Sarbanes Oxley, ISO/IEC, etc.)

·         Reducing IT Complexity and Rationalizing Investments

·         Business Process Improvement and IT Alignment

·         Data Governance

·         Operational Efficiency and Performance Management

·         Technology Integration and Standards

Are you currently addressing these topics, getting them right?

Many things can and will go right; after all, well-managed computer systems and services can drastically reduce costs, increase efficiencies and literally be the single most important element to your successful business performance. Current hardware and software technologies are increasingly productive, easier to use and less prone to error or breakdown. But computer-related issues aren’t always simple, and aren’t always an issue with the technology itself!

The top five computer issues are critical business AND technology problems, to be managed BEFORE they harm your company, BEFORE they cause financial and possibly legal disasters.

Find out right now the “Top 5 Computer Issues that can Bankrupt Your Company – securely register to download our FREE eBook – using the form to the right - and get a head start on managing the most critical risks to your company.

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