Online Offsite Data Backup 

Introducing RondoTech & DS3 DataVaulting’s Online, Off-Site Computer Backup and Recovery Service

Lost Information = Lost Business and Reputation

Total data protection and recovery for your business or personal data that’s affordable, continuous, reliable, media-less, and best of all, hassle-free!

RondoTech has partnered with DS3 DataVaulting to develop an affordable service to backup your computer files over the Internet to a secure offsite location and manage the service for you on a daily basis. Large companies with dedicated computer centers spread across the country have used remote backups for years – they know that the safest place for data when there is a computer problem is outside the building where that computer is located. That ensures that anything from a minor computer glitch to a catastrophic fire, storm, or other event in one location will never close them down.

Our service fulfills an integral part of your disaster recovery and business continuity plans –how you recover your information technology infrastructure and data assets from a catastrophic failure, and how your business absorbs the “outage” and responds to the problem, while mitigating further losses. Our service offers an industry-proven, worry-free, and easy-to-understand method for protecting and recovering your valuable business data in the event of loss, damage, or theft. RondoTech / DS3’s backup and recovery service for business provides many benefits including:

“Hands-off” management – our expert staff manage the system daily:

  • Establish the backup strategy with you and make that strategy a reality

  • Check overnight backup reports
  • Resolve any issues that came up overnight
  • Upgrade system software as necessary
  • Help restore lost data back to your computers
  • Regularly report how the system is working, how much space it is using and projecting near future space requirements

Assured confidentiality – backups are encrypted, or scrambled, using an encryption process that may not be exported without a US Government license as a “national security” item, and only you can decrypt or unscramble the information into readable form again

Enterprise class security – the remote data centers are very secure and highly reliable with triple redundant power, air conditioning, and communications links and with very strong personnel access controls – man traps, biometric key systems, multiple keyed doors, no one gets past the guards without being on the preapproved list, etc.

Always available – backups are stored in at least two locations concurrently, one in your office and one remote, so information can be restored regardless of the Internet “being up” in the office

Around the clock help - 24x7x365 telephone support to help you recover from any problem from one missing file to the office burning down

Backup flexibility – business data can be backed up from your office network, home office computers, and laptops using just one account on different schedules according to your needs

Affordable prices – only pay for the backup space you actually use without predetermined space limits so the system can expand to fill your needs as your firm grows

Some of the biggest corporations in the country trust the DataVaulting system to protect their data nation-wide. Of course we will not name them to respect their confidentiality needs just as we will protect your privacy.

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Online Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery Basics  219kb PDF

Microsoft Exchange Backup - Message by Message Restores! 147kb PDF

Database Backups - Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2                163kb PDF

Determining Backup Priorities  77kb PDF

Online Backup Strengths

There are five good reasons to use an online, offsite backup system:

  1. Fire, smoke, water leaks, and heat can't damage backup media

  2. Backup copies can't be lost or stolen

  3. Backups won't stop due to media failures

  4. Backup integrity assured by encryption and error correcting codes

  5. Backups can be quickly restored to another site after office disasters

Ways to Lose Data

  • An electrical surge damages your computer
  • Hard disk drive crash
  • An operator erasing the wrong document
  • Water damage from a roof leak, broken pipe, or an overflowing washroom
  • A wind storm tears off the roof
  • To fire and smoke damage from a small fire
  • A catastrophic fire guts the office
  • Theft of the computer
  • Malicious destruction
  • Or any one of a thousand other events that can damage or destroy your computers


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