Managing IT without Becoming a Geek – No Computer Skills Required

Business owners need to know a little of everything about their businesses to be successful – especially the technologies they buy and use. This fact is recognized by the very largest and most well-run companies in the world, whose business managers are educated in very challenging, content-rich and world-class management development programs. Companies like IBM, General Electric (GE), and Allstate Insurance.

Owners of smaller businesses, however, typically must learn on their own, without the benefit of corporate-sponsored, experience-based management training programs. Very often small business owners also don’t have the same access to experienced IT staff and technology procurement experts that business leaders in large companies enjoy. Risks and issues due to computer problems, including the “Top 5 Computer Issues that can Bankrupt Your Company” (insert hyperlink), are therefore much more frequent, and costly, for small businesses.  

Our “Managing IT for Business Owners” online training program helps educate you on the role of Information Technology in your business, while building your confidence and skills in critical business computing subjects. You’ll quickly learn enough about IT to make informed decisions about IT investments, to manage them effectively, and to understand the most important aspects of common IT operations required to support your business. This course neither requires nor develops skills worthy of a “geek”; rather, you’ll develop very fundamental and important technology insight that will help you minimize business and financial risks caused by computer problems.

You may already be thinking – “Do I really need such training? I’m pretty handy with MS Word, know to watch out for SPAM, and feel confident in buying new laptops”.

Here’s some key questions to ask yourself, if you’re not already sure you could use these training courses: 

  • Do your computers have up-to-date antivirus/malware software installed? Are the virus signatures being updated, scans being run, and alerts being monitored daily?

  • Are you getting the “Return on Investment” (ROI) you expected, and planned for, from your recent computer technology investments? 

  • The employee who left last month – does he/she still have access to your computers or sensitive digital files?

  • Is your business protected so that a single computer failure will not cause you bankruptcy? 

  • Do your employees know your “Information Security Policy” and understand what it means with respect to their daily work?

  • Do you know if your digital “Accounts Receivable” records are safe from fire, broken water pipes and other facility or natural disasters?

Every business owner needs to be able to answer YES to ALL these questions - or the business is at significant risk. Do you want to leave yourself exposed to IT problems that could put you out of business? IT problems you probably should have been aware of? Of course not!

Join us today for the twice monthly webinar (online training) series on “Managing IT for Business Owners – No Computer Skills Required”. The series covers a wide range of very helpful topics for the smaller owner, including IT Management, Customer Relationship Management, System Backup Strategies and Disaster Recovery Preparedness, Email Security, Computer Usage Policies, and Technology Vendor Management.

The best part is that you don't even have to leave your office to attend the seminars! All seminars are securely and privately delivered via the Internet to your computer, whether at home or at work. The agenda for each session will be sent to you ahead of time, and questions can be sent before the session begins to ensure they are included in the material. Any questions that can't be answered during the session will be answered and posted to the Members Only blog area, with the added benefit of engaged group comment and information-sharing.

No time during the day to attend? Every session is recorded so you can play it back when it’s most convenient for you and your busy schedule!

Be a member of this new and exclusive charter membership group – a group of smart business owners who took the time, and made the effort, to learn fundamental IT skills and protect their businesses from computer-related issues.

Subscriptions to this training series are only $475 each per month!

Sign up now for a 2 month trial at $49 and then become a Charter Member at over 25% off the regular price!

Only $349 per month!

Don't delay - there are only 50 charter memberships available. After they are gone, that's it!

All members also receive access to Members Only features on this web site! Features include recordings and transcripts of recent sessions, client-only analysis papers and more!


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The Top Five Computer Issues That Can Bankrupt Your Company

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Introductory Webinar

This session provides an introductory overview of the webinar series and how it will benefit YOUR business!

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Webinar Schedule

Webinars are held twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesdays. They last approximately one hour with an additional half hour reserved for questions and discussion.

The agenda for each webinar is sent out prior to the session so that participants may gather their thoughts and questions on the topic before we begin. I encourage members to email questions on the topic to me ahead of the session. This permits time to organize questions and customize the content for the current group.


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