Information Security Management

 Is your security posture slouching?

New mandates for protecting personal information are being passed regularly. A new paradigm for Information Security needs to be implemented to ensure compliance with new laws and regulations. The stakes are increasing, both for the enterprise and personally for executives.

Many firms have tried to address information security compliance one requirement at a time. Sarbanes-Oxley compliance as a separate issue from Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act compliance, from Patriot Act compliance, etc. This approach creates a series of redundant, costly, and time intensive "silos" for compliance efforts. What a waste!

Implementing an information security management framework is the key to managing disparate requirements. A properly implemented management framework:

  1. Eliminates redundant efforts to comply with overlapping legal requirements

  2. Provides a managed plan-do-check-revise process improvement loop

  3. Assures management that security controls are operating effectively across the enterprise

In essence, utilizing a management framework gives you a structured way to be certain that your security controls are appropriate and working as intended.

At RondoTech Consulting, we know business and information security management systems. For over 25 years, we have provided Information Security and Infrastructure Engineering services to our clients. We help ensure your enterprise can proactively and cost effectively manage your information security efforts.

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Sample Projects

Developed Internet Banking System Risk Assessment Toolkit

  Developed Loan Origination System Security Architecture
  Developed Integrated Security Architecture for Inter-platform Operations
  Designed Security and Network Architectures and Implemented New Platforms for Relocating Firm


Managing Security

Many firms mistakenly regard information security as a low-level task without enterprise-wide impact.

Regardless of your business, information may be your largest asset.

Customer list, vendor list and pricing, employee list - all of these are valuable to a competitor. Customer identity and payment information - particularly credit card records - are incredibly valuable to identity thieves and you might be their next victim.

Are you managing and protecting your information assets appropriately?

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