Infrastructure & Network Assessment

Have your IT infrastructure and network kept up with your business's goals, structure, and strategies?

Or have they become a chain that keeps you from moving forward?

Computer networks have become a mission critical utility for most companies. Many firms would rather work without telephones than without email and Internet access.

Do any of these statements sound like your company?

  • We have added a new application and now all of the computers are slow

  • We have added new locations or increased staff but the network hasn't really changed

  • We have new privacy policies and regulations but the network and IT infrastructure haven't changed

  • Staff members are complaining more about their computers and support

  • Systems are crashing more and more and the IT staff can't seem to keep them running

These are all clues that the network or IT infrastructure is straining.

Many companies' infrastructure and computer networks have evolved from simple structures that were appropriate when the company was smaller. Business needs change, information security requirements increase, staff and workload grow, and the critical applications that support the firm change as well. After a few years, the network turns into a limiting item rather than the "productivity enabler" it should be.

RondoTech consultants have performed infrastructure assessments for many companies ranging from Wall Street powerhouses to  manufacturers. We can help you too.

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Sample Projects
Assess Fax Volume Requirements and Design Enterprise Fax Infrastructure
  26 Day Implementation of Financial / Distribution System from First Contact to First Payroll
  Assess Remote Access Technology Viability in Post 9/11 Environment


Builder vs. Operator

There are two types of people in the infrastructure world - builders and operators.

The builders (aka architects), like RondoTech, ensure that the network provides the technical foundation for running and growing the business. They add value to the organization. Builders solve business problems through harnessing technology and are equally business and technically focused.

Operators, on the other hand, are the mechanics of the IT world. They focus on keeping things running on a daily basis and maintaining  the status quo.

Every organization needs both types to be successful. Depending upon how dynamic the firm's environment is, some maintain one or both on contract rather than on staff.

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