Application Selection

Choosing the right core business software applications are critical to your firm's success. Selecting the wrong system can cripple your business instead of setting the foundation for profitable growth. It is the age old problem: choose well and be rewarded; choose poorly and pay the price.

How do you avoid choosing the wrong software package?

Reduce your risks by leveraging the expertise and established methodology of a firm that has performed many successful selection engagements over the past 20 years.

Key steps include:

  1. Gain project buy-in from all affected business units
  2. Include key business units in the selection team from inception
  3. Develop comprehensive, in-depth requirements - business, staffing, technical, and operational

  4. Utilize a formal request for proposal process to gather "apples to apples" cost and implementation information

  5. Perform comprehensive due diligence on the finalists - financial, technical, managerial, etc.

RondoTech has helped many clients with their system selection projects. Our consultants have helped clients select enterprise resource planning systems, loan origination systems, and manufacturing and warehouse systems for companies ranging from small family-owned firms to multi-billion dollar banks.

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Sample Projects
  Supported Loan Origination System Software Selection
  Managed Enterprise Resource Planning System Selection Process


Big Mistakes

Breaking these rules of thumb will lead to major issues with the vendor, system, implementation, and success of the project:

  • The vendor is as important as the system.

  • Functionality is more important than technology

  • Donít assume that if it can do "that", it can do it all.Ö it is highly unlikely you are going to find one product that perfectly meets all of your practice needs

  • Donít base a decision on a sales rep demo

  • Beware of Vaporware

  • Get everything in writing

Sample Projects

Supported LOS Software Selection / Vendor Due Diligence

Managed Enterprise Resource Planning System Selection Process

d to major issues with the vendor, system, implementation, and suc

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