Consulting Services

RondoTech consultants focus on keeping your proprietary information secure and the efficient operation of your firm's technology foundation.

Information Security Management

  • Integrating the policies, procedures, and reporting structures to assure executive management that intellectual property / information assets are appropriately protected.

  • Implement processes to assure management that the IT controls around the financial systems are operating effectively.

Risk Management & Assessments

  • Risk is everywhere. Financial risks, operational risks, technical risks... any of these can cost you revenue, time, and threaten your firm's existence.

  • Assessments identify which risks are worth mitigating and how much is reasonable to spend to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

Infrastructure & Network Assessment

  • Will your IT infrastructure support your growth plans? When will the network become a constraint to adding staff, offices, and new customers?
  • The reliability, capacity, manageability, and design of your network can dramatically help or hurt your business. Find out where the weaknesses are before it breaks and hurts your business.

IT Strategic Planning

  • Develop the three to five year vision of your technology foundation and a macro-level road map to achieve your vision.
  • If you don't know where you are going, any path will get you there - Lewis Carroll. From Alice in Wonderland to modern management, the idea holds true.

Partner / Vendor Due Diligence

  • Do you really know who you are relying on in a new relationship?

  • Outsourcing, purchasing a new application, even establishing a joint venture or acquiring a firm. What you don't know can cost you success!

Application Selection

  • Core business applications / systems impact every aspect of your business. Choose the wrong one and your firm will suffer. Lost revenues, higher operating costs, staff frustration and loss, the list of consequences goes on and on.
  • Our methodology helps you look beyond the screens and reports to the other key issues that can spell disaster for a new system before you implement it.

Other Expertise

  • Mr. Rondot's expertise extends into other areas that provide valuable insight into client's needs, constraints, and concerns. This section describes some of these areas of experience including:
    • Relocating IT infrastructure to new facilities
    • Building and Fixing IT Organizations
    • Building Value Added Resellers selling to commercial and government clients
    • Negotiating telecommunications and leasing contracts
    • Managing office relocations including space acquisition, design and move coordination
    • and so on.
Techno Translators!

How many times have you listened to a technical person in a meeting and realized that you have no idea what they just said? You would just like someone to explain the key issues and concerns without all the jargon.

RondoTech consultants speak the language of business people - not "geek speak". They translate highly technical concepts and issues into terms that non-technical executives can understand, thus enabling them to make better informed decisions.

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