The Virtual Chief Information Officer

As you probably understand, Information Technology (IT) is likely at the heart of your business. From the computers you buy, to the websites and emails you manage, the technology you use to conduct business and manage your digital information is a critical asset. Who do you turn to for technical help, advice or strategic guidance regarding the use of new technology, and the management of your information assets? How do you know if SOA or VISTA are wise choices?

 In many larger organizations, it's the role of the CIO to deliver information technology investment control, manage computer operations and protect digital assets leveraged by the business. The CIO closely manages technology vendors, system architects, network engineers, database administrators and application programmers to deliver the best returns on technology investment (ROI), and lowest total costs of ownership (TCO). The CIO is also the champion of advanced and useful technologies, within risk limitations and business constraints.

 Smaller businesses in many cases don't need the full-time services or expense of an experienced CIO. However, this type of professional management skill, strategic guidance and industry expertise is very often needed at certain critical points in time, for major technology decisions or to create and implement an information technology strategy.

 RondoTech Consulting offers a professional solution for this need.  

Introducing The Virtual CIO

 A Virtual CIO provides time-of-need expert professional services, much like your accountant or doctor. The vCIO works as a member of your executive management, looking out for your firm's interests and providing analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with respect to your technology investments and programs. Their job is, like other team executives, to help the business operate and grow, protect its assets and leverage new information technology when appropriate.

 A vCIO is "virtual" in that they don't necessarily work in your office every day. They can come to your location for meetings or projects work with you, your staff or vendors - on a pre-scheduled or "as-needed" basis. They can also operate remotely, collaborating with you via Internet-based conferencing tools, email and phone. You don't need to provide dedicated office space or supplies, telecommunications, vacation benefits or other expensive services most employees require.

 The vCIO doesn't necessarily carry a screwdriver or teach keyboard use; rather, they concentrate on critical, sensitive or very difficult information technology issues that require someone with many years of experience to address. Issues that can make or break your company.

 Some of the topics a vCIO can address include:

  • Aligning IT operations with business objectives, with measurable outcomes

  • Procuring and leveraging IT investments and services

  • Information assurance and security controls

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

  • IT program management and governance

  • Technology or data standards and policies

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 Your vCIO has the expertise to help you develop and manage:

  •  An alignment of IT to business goals

  • A Technology Procurement Roadmap

  • An Information Security Plan and Risk Assessment

  • A Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Vendor relationships and Purchase Plans

  • Service Level Agreements

  • A Risk Management Plan

  • Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

  • A Data Management Plan

  • A Change Management Plan for your IT organization

  • Program Management Plans and Templates

 ...and much more!



 Every discussion we have with business owners is treated as protected and confidential, whether or not a formal non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or non-compete agreement has been signed.


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Your VCIO has the expertise to help you develop:

  • An alignment plan mapping IT to corporate goals

  • IT strategic plans

  • Information security controls and counter- measures

  • A disaster recovery plan

  • Vendor relationships

  • Communications contracts

  • etc.


I treat every discussion I have with business owners as confidential whether or not a formal non-disclosure agreement has been signed.

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